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9 Carat Yellow Gold Amethyst Filigree Drop Earrings

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9 Carat Yellow Gold Amethyst Cluster necklace

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Amethyst White Gold Necklace

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Amethyst round silver necklace

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Amethyst Sterling Silver Necklace

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Yellow Gold Amethyst Cluster Stud Earrings

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Amethyst  9 Carat White Gold Necklace

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Large Oval Amethyst Gold Cluster Ring

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Amethyst 9 Carat White Gold Necklace

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Amethyst 9 Carat Yellow Gold 6472YAM

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Amethyst Jewellery

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Unique collection of stunningly beautiful Amethyst pale or deep purple Gemstone Jewellery, choose from Necklaces Rings Bracelets & Earrings.

Amethyst the jewel of the Gods in times gone by used to represent happiness and love as well as wealth and sincerity.

An attractive majestic gemstone historically used by royalty, monarchs, and other powerfully rich people, because of its colour. In the middle ages this fabulous gemstone was more highly regarded than Rubies or Sapphires and equal to Diamonds, and was used to create emblems and crests etc. Indeed in its deepest shade jewellers of the time would heat the stone to change the shade to enrich the colour to use on royal regalier, such as crowns and sceptres.

This lovely pale or deep purple stone is the perfect gift for any celebration.  

A popular gemstone that looks equally beautiful set in yellow or white gold, as well as silver.

It represents the birthstone of February and traditionally for the 33rd Wedding Anniversary.  Also used in the modern day listings for the 6th 9th and 28th anniversaries.